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Location: 619 Fern Rd., Waterloo [map]
Phone: 519 746-4780

Everyone today feels a certain amount of stress, and as we all know, this can have negative effects on your body's ability to heal itself. Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive treatment,applying pressure to your foot's reflex points. This can help stimulate the body to help the healing system work more effectively. Other reported benefits are relaxation, improved circulation, stress reduction and faster recovery from injury or illness.
Anyone can benefit from this ancient healing treatment; from infants, to the elderly and everyone in between!
The sessions are 60 minutes, and are $40, with GENEROUS discounts for senior citizens, people receiving benefits and students.
Did you know that a significant number of health related conditions are Stress Related??
A certain amount of stress related changes such as increased heart rate & blood pressure is okay IF they are of limited duration, BUT, when stress becomes an almost chronic condition, the body's systems are unable to maintain equilibrium.
Contact me today for more information and to book your appointment. Same day appointments, evening and weekend hours are available.

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